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Freshwater Coast: Lakefront Living in South Carolina


“Wouldn't it be nice if we lived on the coast? Ah, sunrises... swimming... fishing... salt air... there's just something about it!”

Hilton Head Sunset Image by Jeff Gunn. Click for license info.

If you haven't had those thoughts on a vacation stay at a South Carolina beach, you probably aren't doing it right. There's something truly magnetic about the South Carolina coast. Those who have visited Hilton Head Island, Edisto, or even Myrtle Beach know exactly what we're talking about. From boating and fishing to trails and state parks, the coast offers an amazing experience. It really is tempting to relocate and be a professional beach bum.

But then reality hits. It doesn't take too long to realize that hurricanes threaten the coastal region often enough to make owning property there a good bit more expensive. And then you think about the annual glut of tourist traffic (you know, that traffic flow you fight during prime vacation time). Then there's the property taxes and the hassle of planting your life in a tourism hotspot. We're not saying it can't be done, but for a lot of people, relocating to South Carolina's coast just isn't the most practical option.

If only there were a way to enjoy boating and fishing without the hassles and hazards of the ocean. If only there were a way to have a home near a beautiful shoreline without being threatened by the rising waters of hurricane-driven storm surge. If only there were a place with genuine community, permanent residents, and a year-round temperate climate.

If only...

My friend, you thought you were looking for a better way to live at the beach. But let me tell you: You are longing for the lifestyle of the Freshwater Coast.

Some people know they want to live near a freshwater lake. Then others are arriving at that conclusion only after they experience some of the less friendly aspects of living on a saltwater coast. We have found that the lake system that makes up the border between South Carolina and Georgia really does offer the best of both worlds. It's not the East Coast; it's the Freshwater Coast.


These Lakes are Great.

Our friends in the midwest know the Great Lakes well. We won't even pretend to compete on the basis of size. But did you know that the Savannah River is home to three major lakes and more than 1,200 miles of shoreline? Between Lake Hartwell, Lake Russell, and Lake Thurmond (aka Clarks Hill Lake), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gave a huge gift to the states of South Carolina and Georgia. The lakes, formed by a series of hydroelectric dams, created what we're calling the Freshwater Coast. You may not notice them on the map because of the winding and irregular shoreline, but these lakes are a significant feature of this region. In addition to the direct benefits of boating and fishing, the rugged lands surrounding the Savannah River's journey to the Atlantic contains thousands of acres of protected forests and parks. There are 27 state parks on the shores of Lake Thurmond alone! Hiking, biking, kayaking, hunting, disc golf, geocaching, birdwatching... there are very few outdoor activities that an enthusiast won't be able to enjoy in the area.


Lakefront Golf

Players expect golf courses to be immaculately maintained and breathtakingly beautiful. Water hazards are even typical. But there's a difference between a creek or a pond and contending with the expanse of Lake Thurmond. The golf experience available at the Freshwater Coast (including our two championship courses Tara and Monticello) is inimitable. Golfers also enjoy the 18 hole experience at Hickory Knob Resort State Park. The Freshwater Coast is a regional Mecca for golfers who love big water.


Living at the Lake

Is it possible to have all the benefits of living close to water without any of the headaches of maintaining a home near the ocean? Yes! In fact, Savannah Lakes Village was strategically located in an ideal position to maximize the enjoyment of the lake. Some property owners opted for a lakefront lot with a private dock. But even those who have a basic interior lot are able to access Lake Thurmond through our community dock and boat slip lease program. Whether lakefront or not, all property owners can enjoy convenient access to boating, fishing, and even kayaking or canoeing. We are a lake-centric community.

Migrating to the Southeastern United States presents an attractive array of options and decisions. Once you've narrowed it down to living near water, we think it's worth it to take a long look at the lakefront lifestyle that the Freshwater Coast of Lake Thurmond offers. Savannah Lakes Village just may be the perfect place to relocate, retire, or visit.