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Savannah Lakes Village may be rural, but you don’t have to be disconnected.

In Savannah Lakes Village, Hi-Tech meets Hi-Nature. You can be connected to the Great Outdoors while remaining connected to the rest of the world through one of the fastest Internet pipelines in the nation.

Today, the need for Internet is becoming more and more evident. People can do things more efficiently and effectively thanks to the Internet.

As more devices become Internet compatible, connections will begin to lag and can become congested if you don’t have access to high bandwidth. The residents of Savannah Lakes Village have all the bandwidth they need through “fiber-to-the-home” service.

NeighborLink Email System

We have a private, policy-governed community email information system called NeighborLink. It’s a convenient way for neighbors to share information, ask questions, sell personal items, or stay up to date with community events. NeighborLink started as a volunteer effort by community members years ago, and it has grown into a heavily utilized, beloved fixture in our community.

Cellular Service

Most members are well served by one of the major national cellular networks. Our community is spread out over a large area, so there are some places where calls may be dropped and service isn’t as reliable. However, generally speaking, members and guests are able to get good cell service throughout most of Savannah Lakes.

The Fiber Internet service available at Savannah Lakes Village through WCTel is ideal for:

  • Video Chat with Family & Friends

  • High Bandwidth Media Streaming

  • Web Meetings and Video Conferencing

West Carolina Tel has partnered with Savannah Lakes Village to offer their Internet services. West Carolina Tel has constructed a fiber optic network throughout Savannah Lakes Village and the surrounding area, allowing WCTel to offer both download and upload speeds of 1 gigabit per second. The technology is accessible and affordable.

In Savannah Lakes Village, every home and homesite has fiber run to the site, ready for connection.

With easy and affordable access to these services, many property owners are making the decision to go ahead and build on their property and telecommute to the office, trading the city view and traffic for the lake and forest views of Savannah Lakes Village.

“Besides the high quality of service that we provide, the thing we are most proud of is our fiber network,” said Shannon Sears, Director of Commercial Operations for West Carolina Tel.

“If you are accustomed to the services offered in big cities, the level of service you get at Savannah Lakes with West Carolina is far better. Our network allows you to connect with nature while staying connected with the rest of the world.” While gigabit Internet is still a new concept for most, it is the fastest and most reliable Internet available.

Jeff Wilson, West Carolina Tel CEO and General Manager, says, “Partnering with Savannah Lakes Village is a huge advantage for West Carolina. I believe that the benefits we have to offer with our top-of-the-line technology will be meaningful to the residents of Savannah Lakes Village for many years to come. Not only are we going to offer gigabit service, but we can also assist new residents with smart home technologies to take advantage of all the services West Carolina has to offer.”

A Smart Home is one that includes home automation through an application on your smart phone or other devices. You can view security cameras, control your thermostat, turn lights on and off, open and close garage doors, unlock entrance doors and much more.